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Best Pilates Exercise Videos & DVDs

"If your spine is inflexible, you are old at twenty. If it is flexible you are young at sixty."

- Joseph Hubertus Pilates, in 1965, age 86

Recommended Pilates Videos on DVD

The Benefits of Using Pilates Videos

By Richard Romando

Pilates videos give you a low-impact yet highly intense workout that you'll look forward to doing over and again. You will feel refreshed and alert. Pilates videos can be used by most anyone, young or old, whether you are very fit or out of shape. Pilate videos come in VHS and DVD formats and range in duration from 10 minutes to 1-hour.

There are endless options for exercise videos and equipment that you can buy for your home. There is no better way to get started on Pilates at home than with guidance from expert personal tutors, who will introduce you to various exercises through demonstration and commentary. There are many Pilates videos to choose from.

There are videos on introduction to mat work, which provides a step-by-step guide through the basics of Pilates. The videos are easy to learn and fun to do. They guide you through well-designed movements, properly executed in sequence.

The video on the Pilates method focuses on shaping the body while strengthening the abs and back. The mat work is geared towards both beginners and those who have done Pilates before.

The Winsor Pilates video instructs you in the exercise that works every part of your body. Winsor Pilates is designed to have the maximum slimming effect with the least amount of effort. The Winsor Pilates video set is among the most popular videos.

Some manufacturers that make Pilates gadgets and equipment give you free instructional videos along with their products.

You can find a plethora of Pilates videos on the Internet. You can have workout music videos ordered through the Internet. Pilates videos that feature known instructors and guides are more popular than those with lesser known figures as demonstrators.

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